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Throughout the Scouts year, the region will offer different training, workshops and fundays for our members to get involved with, we will advertise any events that involves Scouts and anyone from the region can get involved with. 

Below you will find a collection of events both organised by the region or held within the region. If you would like more information about an event please contact the organiser. If you have an event you would like to be posted please contact us with the following information;

Event title
Event contact details (phone & email)
event description (include as much information as possible)
Event date and exact timings
Event address
Link to online booking (if Applicable)


Module 14: Supporting Young People  Event Almost Full
Thu 20th Jan
Where: Zoom

This module is aimed at all section leaders and other adults supporting young people in Scouting. It aims to enable adult volunteers working with young people, to understand and meet their needs.

Topics covered
Characteristics and development of young people.
External influences on young people.
Creating a supportive environment for young people.
Responding to issues affecting young people.
Module 19: International
Mon 24th Jan
Where: Zoom

This module aims to provide participants with a global focus appropriate to their section and an appreciation of the international nature of Scouting.

Topics covered
International scouting
The global programme
International opportunities
Module 12A and 12B  Event Almost Full
Sat 29th Jan
Where: Zoom

Delivering a Quality Programme is a mandatory module for those who are completing a Wood Badge. It aims to provide leaders, managers and supporters with information about how we deliver quality Scouting to young people, and how we ensure it meets their needs.

Topics covered:

Key elements of the programme for each section
Badges and awards
Reviewing the programme
The Young Leader’s Scheme
Youth shaped Scouting

This module will commence straight after Module (A) is completed so the start time may be sooner or later than advertised above.

Programme Planning is a mandatory module for Section Leaders and Assistant Section Leaders.

Programme Planning provides section leaders with an opportunity to plan and review a sectional programme including the use of a variety of methods to generate programme ideas.

Topics covered:
How to create an exciting and relevant programme
How to generate programme ideas
How to review a programme to enhance it
Module 15: Promoting Positive Behaviour
Mon 31st Jan
Where: Zoom

This module is aimed at all section leaders and other adults supporting young people in Scouting. It aims to enable adult volunteers to proactively promote positive behaviour and appropriately manage challenging behaviour in their section.

Topics covered
Defining challenging behaviour.
Planning for positive behaviour; principles and strategies.
Responding to challenging behaviour.
Additional help and support for challenging behaviour.
Module 16: An Introduction to Residential Experiences
Thu 3rd Feb
Where: Zoom

This module aims to enable section leaders and those who may support residential experiences for young people, as part of their role in Scouting, to understand the role that residential experiences play in Scouting.

Topics covered:
Preparing for a residential experience
Identifying skills
Permits and specific
Aberdeen Gang Show - Live!
Tue 8th Mar
Where: Aberdeen Art Centre

Variety show and ‘all-year-round pantomime’ performed by Aberdeen’s scouts, ready to celebrate 60 years since it first opened at the Tivoli Theatre in 1960. Come and join the fun in March 2020!
Wooly Jumper
Sun 10th Apr
Where: Templar's Park - Aberdeen

The Woolly Jumper Camp - 8th - 10th April 2022 - Templars' Park Campsite - Explorer Scouts * Senior Section Guides aged 13.5 to 18.
Gordon Gathering
Fri 2nd Sep
Where: Lyne of Skene

The Gordon Gathering is a district camp taking place every two years.
World Scout Jamboree - All Scottish Units Camp
Fri 16th Sep
Where: TBC
World Scout Jamboree - All Scottish Units Camp
Fri 16th Jun 2023
25 World Scout Jamboree – Korea 2023
Tue 1st Aug 2023
Where: Saemangeum, Jeollabuk-do Province – Korea

The next World Scout Jamboree will be held from 1st to 12th August in 2023 in Saemangeum, Jeollabuk-do Province – Korea. We’re so excited that the Highlands and Islands, and North East Regions of Scotland have been allocated four patrols (36 young people and 4 adult leaders) to become part of the UK Contingent to the 25th World Scout Jamboree in Korea during 2023. Once there we will be joining more than 40,000 Scouts from all over the world.

To be eligible to attend in 2023, young people will need to be aged between 14 and 17 at the time of the Jamboree in August 2023 (hence to the dates above). This means that we are looking for both "older" Scouts and "younger" Explorers to apply.

To find more information about the Jamboree and the selection process please visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/UKunit3WSJ25 and their dedicated micro-website at https://sites.google.com/view/wsj25-unit3 where we will be sharing more information.

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