Get involved!

1) With your young people choose an area you would like to clean during the month (remember before and after photos) and let us know you are taking part!

2) Purchase all equipment needed or talk to the region if you require financial assistance to take part.

3) Between the 15th of May and 15 of June, decide how often you will visit and how long you will commit each time.

4) Make sure to dispose of the waste after each visit properly and keep a record of the total bags collected.

5) Be sure to record your group's contribution before the 18th of June so we can announce the result!

#TidyTheTrash - Take out the trash!

As we come back from this awful time, we want to play our part in #BuildingBackBetter. As Scouts we always want to leave the world a bit better than we found it! Together, let us take some time to make our communities look amazing, by doing our bit for the environment and the planet. Unfortunately, at least 26,000 tonnes of waste are illegally fly-tipped across Scotland each year and this has a negative impact on our environment.

That is why, we are launching our #TidyTheTrash Community Impact project to collect 200 bags of waste across our corner to reduce the impact of rubbish on our environment but we want to smash that target. So, we can have the biggest impact and stay in line with the restrictions this is taking place between the 15th of April and the 15th of June 2021. This links directly with the A Million Hands project and we will be working to protect our environment by doing these litter picks to help wildlife and the ecosystem.

This is an activity that is just perfect for Amber Level Scouting, taking part is simple, fun and hugely rewarding for both young people and adult volunteers, as we progress together through the month, you will see an area of your community transform and we get to shout to the world about the incredible difference you have made with just a little hard work.

Make sure to check out our steps to taking part below and all the resources available on the left of your screen. Also, we have provided some information below Keep Beautiful Scotland's video on what badges this could count towards. We have also included contacts for your local authorities in case you have any questions about disposing your collected waste properly.

Get Involved using these easy steps!

1) Purchase the relevant equipment or make a request to region should your group require financial assistance. (Remember to let us know you are taking part!)

2) Educate your section/group on why it has never been more needed and help the young people choose place/s they would like to clean up during the campaign.

3) Once the dates, times and frequency are confirmed, make sure to take before and after photos and lots of selfies! 

4) After each litter pick, make sure you liaise with your local council authority to properly dispose of the waste, make sure it is separated into recyclables and non-recyclables so we can help our environment even more.

5) At the end of your agreed plan, fill out our completion form by the 18th of June so we can announce the result and also give us a little feedback on your experience during the campaign. We will record your impact on our interactive map so you can see the impact we have had across the North East, remember big or small amounts, every little helps and that is all that counts! Our campaign officially ends on the 15th of June 2021 so groups can plan ahead and take part when they are able to do so.

Well done for taking part!

Where could we do our litter pick?

We encourage groups to choose a local area that is easy access, they have permission to do so and that the young people have helped select the area because they feel it needs some attention.

Here are some ideas to get you started!

  • Clean up the area around your meeting place. 
  • Walk the paths of your local town. 
  • Clear up the litter on your local park. 
  • Hit the beach for a beach clean. 
  • Explore the local woods or forest. 
  • Hit the town centre and clear the streets. 
  • Help your neighbours by clearing up a housing estate.

Please use our hashtags #TidyTheTrash and #TakeOutTheTrash on social media when posting about our campaign and give North East Scotland Scouts a tag so we can share them to our page!

What badges this could count towards?

We want our young people to be recognised for the skills and things they have achieved, so we would encoruage leaders to match this to badges that are already being undertaken or could be, here's some badges which closely link with this activity.

Team Work Challenge 

  • Work with other Beaver Scouts to make something or complete a challenge or activity together. 
  • Show your leader that you are a helpful team member. 
My World Challenge 
  • Complete an activity to help people in your local community. 
  • Discuss your Beaver Promise to do your best and how your Promise can help remind you to do good things in your community.



Environmental Conservation 

Take part in two projects with a group of other people. You could:

  • clear a ditch, pond or creek 
  • tidy up a piece of wasteland 
  • take part in an anti-litter campaign 
Our World Challenge 
  • As a Pack, identify and complete an activity that benefits your local community. 
  • How did it help others? 
  • How did the activity help you? What could you do next?
Teamwork Challenge 
  • Complete at least two teambuilding activities with other Cubs.


Environmental Conservation

Find out about an environmental issue that is important to your local community. It might be linked to:

  • recycling and conservation
  • the impact of tourism on the local environment.?
  • Take part in an activity or project that improves local conservation.

• It could take place during a weekend conservation camp or you could spread it over at least five weekly sessions.

You could look at:

  • recycling
  • protecting important habitats or wildlife
  • pollution
  • Get involved in a campaign to make others aware of an environmental issue.
  • You could write to your MP and other local agencies or speak to a community group

World Challenge Award

Spend a day volunteering with and finding out about a service in your local community:

  • What are their challenges?
  • Who relies on this service?
  • What positive impact could you have on this service in the future?
  • Services could be homeless shelters, local nature reserves, care homes and food banks. Take an active part in an environmental project.

Teamwork Challenge

  • On at least three separate occasions, be part of a Scout team, where you work together to achieve a goal. 

Chief Scouts Platinum / Diamond Awards

Research and participate in an environmental or community based project to make an improvement in your local environment or community. This could be within Scouting or another organisation. Present your experience to your Unit 

Contacting local authorities

Once you have set the date for your #TidyTheTrash event/s, correct disposal will be needed to ensure we comply with our duties to the community. With COVID-19 any drop off's in rubbish will need to be scheduled in advance with the local authority's system in place to manage. You can find the details of the person, or department, within your local authority to contact below.

Aberdeen City Environmental Services 

Contact Number: 0300 200 292 

Aberdeenshire Community Waste Officers (ask for litter picking request) 
Contact number: 03456 08 12 07
Moray Council Environmental Services
Contact number: 01343 557 045
Contact email: waste@moray.gov.uk

Shetland Islands Council (Contact name: Sita Goudie)

Contact Number: 01595 694 688

Contact Email: sita@shetlandamenity.org


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